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Annick goutal duel

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Annick Goutal Duel EdT Vapo 100 ml
This is a fragrance designed for men who want to go back in time and fight a duel at dawn. The mysterious note remember the leather sheath of the sword and the gesture of throwing the glove, which were once used as a challenge to a duel... for a matter of honor or love...
Duel is about love, as Annick Goutal has always done. With Duel, Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal, have wanted to pay homage to eternal love, honor and spirit of chivalry.
Duel is a fragrance for romantic men of the XXI century.
Family: Fresh, boiseé
Composition: Matè leaves, seeds from Paraguay, Iris Root, Absinth, Leather, Musk.
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