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Andy tauer perfumes

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Andy Tauer L'Air du Desert Marocain

Andy Tauer AT Attar Oil 5 ml
available 79,00 €  
Andy Tauer Au Coeur du Desert Extrait 50 ml
The heart of the desert of the Maghreb. The 'charm of' infinite.
Sublime, oriental, spicy, woody, balsamic.
And 'the metamorphosis of L'Air du Desert Marocain in a luxurious estrait de parfum.
Au Coeur du Desert is a statue carved in wood wrought in the sun, softened by a layer of aged patchouli and ambergris a patina that comes to life by a flash of balsamic notes. 
available 175,00 €  
Andy Tauer Carillon pour Ange eau de parfum 50 ml vapo

Olfactory pyramidTop notes: Rose, Ylang Ylang, LilacHeart Notes: Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, leather notesCoda Notes: Ambergris, Musk, Woods"Creating a fragrance with a hint of spring lily of the valley was one of my desires since I started to make perfumes. Carillon pour un Ange is my tribute to this treasure trove of woods and forests. It 'a chorus of green and flowers, a rose particularly sensitive and in keeping with the lilacs and Ylang Ylang introduce an 'explosion of green notes of lily of the valley gently mingling with jasmine and leather. In the notes of the queue, Ambergris decorated with hints of musk and precious woods gives depth and warmth to the agreements flowers. Carillon Pour un Ange is a 'Eau de Parfum Riche, a natural complement to the collection "Homages" Tauer perfumes

notify me when available 150,00 €  
Andy Tauer Eau d Epices 50 ml

The Perfume according to its Creator: "L'Eau d'Epices is the latest fragrance made, although I have worked for more than four years. One of my favorite natural ingredients, the absolute of orange blossom, plays a central role in this unique and original composition. The natural oils of cinnamon and cardamom orchestrate a warm and vibrant opening; then the mandarin softens the spicy notes preparing the way for the jasmine and orange blossom. This absolute of Egyptian jasmine enhances the orange blossom, and frankincense essential oil introduces the mix of scents of ambergris, tonka beans, vetiver and cysto laudanifero dear to me that recall the olfactory impression of a pine forest."

Head: Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Coriander and Mandarin
Heart: Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Incense and Iris Root
Base: Resins Rockrose, Ambergris, and Vetiver Tonka beans

notify me when available 125,00 €  
Andy Tauer Incense Extreme eau de parfum 50 ml
The perfume according to its creator "I built this perfume around the essence of incense (Boswellia Serrata) obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction. This raw material has always been a source of much inspiration for me in my creations, but this represents the most abstract interpretation, without compromises. It captures the rarefied and harsh atmosphere of deserts where Boswellia grows, reproducing its first puff of smoke, like incense just picked and burned, on a bed of burning charcoals".

Head: Coriander, Petit Grain, Lavender
Heart: Root of Tuscan Iris
Base: Incense, Texas cedarwood, Ambergris.
last one 125,00 €  
Andy Tauer Incense Rose eau de parfum 50 ml
The perfume according to its creator: "First of all, we must find some rose petal from an intense and spicy dark rose. Natural essential oils of bergamot and clementine, with just a touch of cardamom, play with the notes of the absolute of Bulgarian rose. The root of Iris Tuscan highlights, then, the smell making it clear and vibrant. At the same time, it is intense and rich, with the castoreum and the woody notes that act on the skin. It's like a wild dance of notes of vetiver, patchouli, cedar from Texas, along with myrrh and incense, obtained by extraction with super critical CO2 from Boswellia serrata, and made sweeter by the notes of amber and labdanum."

Head: Clementine, Bergamot, Rose
Heart: Castoreum, Tuscan Iris Root, Incense, Cedarwood
Base: Myrrh, Patchouli, Vetiver, Labdanum, Amber.
last one 125,00 €  
Andy Tauer Le Maroc pour Elle
The Perfume according to its creator: "It was my dream to create a truly feminine fragrance that was both oriental and very natural. The precious essences of absoulte of damask rose and jasmine, blended with notes of cedar of the Atlas, are my source of inspiration. With these natural treasures I painted an olfactory portrait of the atmosphere of Maghreb, sensual and oriental."

Head: Mandarin, Petit Grain
Heart: Damask Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute
Base: Moroccan Atlas Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli.
notify me when available 125,00 €  
Andy Tauer Lonesome Rider Eau de Parfum 50 ml
Lonesome Rider follows the narrative of Lonestar Memories and L'Air du Desert Marocain, though flying a new territory.
Top notes:
Agreement citrus (grapefruit and bergamot with relief), pepper, cloves
Heart notes:
Rose, Iris Rhizome, Leather, Castoreum
Base notes:
Vetiver, Ambergris, Sandalwood

last one 125,00 €  

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