Aedes de Venustas Perfumes - Signature - Copal Azur - Iris Nazarena - Oillet Bengale

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Aedes de venustas perfumes

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Aedes de Venustas Copal Azur 100 ml
(Eau de Parfum)
Maya incense that ascends from ancient temples.
Lashes of sea spray and whiffs from the jungle where the jaguar is hiding ...
Copal Azur exhales lush spiritual vibrations of the sacred temple of Tulum. As well as the Mayan citadel stands on the lush paradise of the beach in Tulum, a steep cliff mineral incense dominates the landscape olfactory Copal Azur.
Since the copal resin can not be used as an ingredient for perfumes, through three different extractions incense, is evoked as if by magic, from the top notes up to the bottom, occupying so extraordinary 30% of the formula. Notes: Incense, salt, patchouli, cardamom, amber, tonka bean, myrrh
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Aedes de Venustas eau de parfum

Aedes de Venustas vapo 100 ml

honors the past, present and future of perfumery with its first signature scent. Housed in aubergine glass the bottle disrupts classic rules of design with its round and square shape, hinting at the unique construction of the fragrance housed within its body. The circumference of the cap is uniquely positioned and adorned with the AEDES insignia.A baroque yet futuristic ambience emanates from the skin as soon as the fragrance is applied, embodying the magic that is the AEDES DE VENUSTAS boutique.The mind questions, but the heart knows; a new experience anoints the wearer as it weaves a sensuous spell like no other before it. It is the first touch of AEDES DE VENUSTAS, a touch that will never be forgotten.The composition of AEDES DE VENUSTAS Signature Eau de Parfum is a world onto itself. There is no trace of the traditional fragrance pyramid. The construction is round, luxurious, voluptuous and addictive. The scents chypre character is pierced at its center with the ephemeral green freshness of rhubarb accord; the axis around which the fragrance revolves, like the wearer emanating its memorable sillage. Embodied and embodying; AEDES DE VENUSTAS Signature Eau de Parfum is the past, present and future of perfumery in simultaneous revolution.Perfumer

Bertrand Duchaufour

describes the perfume as a game of supports in an unexpected, even improbably olfactory architecture because the green effect increases while the heavy dark resinous incense and chypre accord is largely deceasing and getting more abstract. On an interesting note many of the ingredients in AEDES DE VENUSTAS Signature Eau de Parfum have been sourced by Bertrand Duchaufour. The ominpresent Vetiver is from Madagascar where Mr Duchaufour himself traveled to meet the farmers and made sure it complied to fair trade practices.Notes include: Rhubarb, vetiver, red berries, tomato leaf, incense, green apple, hazelnut, honeysuckle
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Aedes de Venustas Grenadille d Afrique Eau de Parfum ( 100 ml )
From roaring resin sap balsamic and smoked wood to stone burnt in the sun, Grenadillo d 'Afrique expresses not only the name of the' tree of the same name, but also the primeval landscape in which it grows.
Remember the fossilized wood rubbed in a vanilla agreement. Composition strongly opposed sets its dark heart with bright notes.
And 'sunset or sunrise? The sparkling bergamot catching the last rays of sunlight, while a purple lavender icing is poured from the dusty moon over the savannah grasslands. 
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Aedes de Venustas Iris Nazarena eau de parfum

Iris Nazarena 100 ml vapo

Mysterious, mystical, sensuous...

With its iris and incense accord, the new Eau de Parfum by AEDES DE VENUSTAS matches the worlds most precious aromatic material with the most ancient. Taking perfumery into the future by bringing it back to its roots: this is iris, reborn.

The rare Iris Bismarckiana is also known as Iris Nazarena because it grows mainly in the mountains east of Nazareth. The uncanny beauty of the blossom, with its brown or purple spots and delicate, bluish-purple veins is the muse of this creation.

The suede-soft petals of the mystical flower are sketched in a subtle sfumato of brown, purple and white, brushed with powdery iridescence. The limpid ambrette, with its pear, rose and musk facets, sheds the tender light of dawn on the top notes.

Rose adds a touch of floral sensuality, while the aromatic, resinous juniper berry introduces the incense theme. The cool, vivid green of star anise conjures the stylized stems and leaves of the flower.

Patchouli and vetiver allude to its roots, driven into dark earth and rock. The sacred smoke rising from the altars weaves its mineral, leather-scented tendrils throughout the development with incense, clove and oud.

This elegant sfumato effect is echoed by the grey velvet box and the smoky glass of the vintage-inspired bottle, crowned with AEDES DE VENUSTASs signature baroque gold zamak cap.

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Aedes de Venustas Oeillet Bangale Eau de Parfum 100 ml
A flower in a fire. A rose that wants to be a carnation, burned by an explosion of exotic spices. Red petals that become blacks for 'incense. The third scent of Aedes de Venustas is a proud, fierce and fiery flower. The incense is the thread that runs through the olfactory collection. An ingredient that is all 'very origin of perfumery, which for millennia is burned in honor of the gods;the word "perfume" comes from the Latin for fumum, through the smoke. Around its dark tendrils, the best perfumers have avutonla creative freedom to explore unique and innovative arrangements. With Aedes de Venustas Signature, Bertrand Duchaufour, the 'combined with a vibrant arrangement of rhubarb. Ralf Schwieger wraps with a mystical and mysterious Iris Nazarene. Now Rodrigo Flores-Roux turn it on with the exotic spices of Oeillet Bengale.
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Aedes de Venustas Palissandre D' Or Eau de Parfum 100 ml
Aedes de Venustas with her fifth fragrance casts a new light on 'immemorial smell of precious oriental woods, on a smoldering palette of burnt sienna, lacquered red and gold zone.
Fluidity, transparency and power.
In this dazzling mosaic nose, the crystal clear and sharp ambrette, a moss natural facets of rose, pear and iris, brightens rich inlays of fresh spices: pink pepper, coriander and nutmeg. Then, as a hot and growing heat of cinnamon, the scent opens his heart and reveals her secret: a rare extract sandalwood Sri Lanka.
Subtly smoky, pink tinted and creamy, it becomes even more succulent thanks to the warmth of copahu milky and silky balm extract patchouli.
Cedar, tea and red leather adds structure and consistency to the light mixture.
The scent of ambroxan, a fusion of intriguing warm bark clean and sun-kissed skin.
Palissandre D 'Or is a journey into the quintessential wood.
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Aedes de Venustas Signature Savon 250 gr.
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