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Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady Hair Mist • martedì 23 gennaio 2018
New Portrait of a Lady Hair Mist
A lighter version of the fragrance, to be sprayed on the hair with a delicately fresh touch.
Portrait of a Lady is a new type of rose, oriental a baroque fragrance. It is based on an agreement of benzoin, cinnamon, sandalwood and, above all, patchouli and musk incense. That part with an excessive dosage of the best Turkish rose essence that Dominique Ropion mixes with the rest of the formula, thanks to an arrangement of red berries and spices.
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Franck Muller Perfumes • lunedì 22 gennaio 2018
Franck Muller watches are of the finest and most complicated in the world. The manufacture was founded in Geneva by Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes with the aim of creating exclusive timepieces characterised by complicated movements and original designs. 
THE PERFUMES are inspired by different watches. Each scent is individual and created in the philosophy of the watch carrying it’s name.
The Master Perfumers have been very innovative and used the finest ingredients so that the character of the perfumes is limited only by their imagination and Haute Parfumerie.
Available online & in boutique
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News Frederic Malle • sabato 20 gennaio 2018
News Frederic Malle
Now available online and in boutiques:
-Musc Ravageur Shower Cream 200 ml, under the soft caress of milk, water and perfume this shower cream your skin becomes irresistible.
-Vetiver Extraordinaire Aftershave Balm a post-shave balm. It gives a feeling of freshness
-The Night new sizes  30 ml and 10 ml
Superstitious new sizes 30 ml and 10 ml
Promise new sizes 30 ml and 10 ml

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IIUVO • venerdì 19 gennaio 2018
New Brand
IIUVO—meaning to delight or gratify. A simple notion but one of great significance to us ( Tomi Ahmed and Leo Gibbon).
Our fragrances are directly rooted in experience, inflected with emotional resonance ; a confluence of memory and forethought. Function and aesthetic are the cornerstones from which we build, laying note upon note, adjusting and experimenting, until the narrative begins to emerge. This takes time, as most worthwhile things do, but patience, like the best perfume, rewards.
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Yves Saint Laurent Le Vestiaire des Parfums • giovedì 18 gennaio 2018
Available now in Boutique & on Line The Excluisve Yves Saint Laurent Le Vestiaire des Parfums, Oriental Collection.
Enriched by the New Fragrances Magnificent Gold, White Oud with Vanillia, Sleek Oud, Black Oud with Chocolate, and Exquisite Emroidery, Amber with Rose....

Enjloy Yves Saint Laurent Le Vestiaire des Parfums
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Verduu • martedì 16 gennaio 2018
Alexander Botov founded Verdúu to realize his vision of a large community of young designers, perfumers, creators and all people passionate about the art of fragrances. It wants these people to have the opportunity to create something unique and extraordinary, rather than complying with industry trends and standards.
Our heartnote is narration, "he says, pointing out Verdúu's focus on strong characters and concepts behind perfumes. He believes that the true luxury of our century is defined through diversity rather than excess. This thought is transmitted in all Verdúu's label.
Verdúu collaborates with young fashion designers to create authentic [...]
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Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2017 • giovedì 11 gennaio 2018
Estee Lauder presents her famous must have, the blockbuster collector collection ever more generous than ever.
A unique selection of treatments and make-ups.
Includes two eye palettes composed of seven eye shadows each. The first, ideal for day make-up, offers a range of shades of orange and brown; the second lends itself to bolder looks, perfect for the evening, playing with dark and smoky shades, great for creating sensual smokey eyes.
You will find two classic Pure Color Envy lipstick, known for its quality and perfect pigment design. The colorations are predominated by the fuchsia shade, declined in [...]
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Xerjoff Alexandria II - Available now • mercoledì 10 gennaio 2018
Available now on line & in Boutique Alexandria II by Xerjoff Oud Stars Collection.
Alexandria II
Top Note: Lavender, Cinnamon, Apple, Rosewood
Heart Note: Lily of the Valley, Rose, Cedarwood
Base Note: Ambra, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Oud

Enjoy Xerjoff on Alla Violetta
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